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31 May 2009 @ 01:40 am
Prom Tables of Doooom  
So I decided to make my ass stay still and write the fics I need to write. In order to do so, I've created 2 prom tables.

I put the itunes on shuffle and started playing the songs. I took one word of each one in the order they were displayed in. A cookie for anyone who guesses which song is which.

Harry James Potter
The rules are, every one shot and drabble must be Harry James Potter centric AND it must be post Battle of Hogwarts, that means, from May 2, 1998 at 3 am and forwards until Harry dies or whatever.

1.-Pictures2.- Reality3.- Victory4.- San Francisco5.- Pleasure
6.- World7.- Heaven8.- Frozen9.- Mistakes10.- Fate
11.- Ending12.- Today13.- Oscar14.- Witnesses15.- Line
16.- Sacrifice17.- Fatigue18.- Hope19.- Time20.- Ghosts
21.- Home22.- Tourist23.- Belong24.- Ruins25.- Sin

Alex David Turner
Because real fanfiction is a bitch, I tell you. So the rules are, indeed, they must be Alex Turner centric or/and Alex/Miles slash thinggies.

1.- Run Away2.- Love3.- Katy4.- Leaving5.- Alone
6.- Wisdom7.- Sequels8.- Silences9.- Innocence10.- Friends
11.- Memories12.- Here13.- Yesterday14.- Death15.- Speed
16.- Dreams17.- Meeting18.- Seduction19.- Pain20.- Snow
21.- Saviour22.- View23.- Crowd24.- Voice25.- Wall

Somehow I find the second Table more suitable for Harry and the first one more for Alex. Weird. But the itunes spoke, I can't deny it.
People who know me from fanfiction now the ratings and warnigs I like to have in my fics, people who don't, what should you expect?

You should expect:

Death character
Suicide thoughts
And a lot, a lot of ANGST

I do not write romance nor humor. If you want to check on my work, visit the profile on your left ----> It says "fanfiction" my brothers and sisters.

I'm going to do "1 Harry, 1 Alex". Let us begin!

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