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18 November 2010 @ 07:53 am
I just got back from the movies after the first time seeing the Deathly Hallows, midnight screening. I'm only going to write a couple of things.

This isn't a Harry Potter film.

As fans, with all the previous films, we've been obligated to love them, to kinda lie to ourselves "yes, it was brilliant" even though they'd leave a lot out or wouldn't be fair at all to the book.

This isn't a Harry Potter film. With every scene of this movie I felt the same I was feeling the first time I read the Deathly Hallows. This film doesn't (only) captures the chapters and story of the book, it captures the scent, the feeling, the lessons, those things J.K. Rowling wanted us to learn through this book. This film does that, something that no other film had done before. In that sense, this isn't a Harry Potter film.

I didn't know what to think while looking at the credits. I had just witnessed David Yates achieving what no other director making a film out of a book, had achieved. I had just witnessed that and with no other that my favourite book of all time.

Someone who isn't familiar with the HP books may feel that this is no longer a children film and it isn't, just as the book wasn't. The film is hard to get in that sense, for it is too mature for younger audience and some of the scenes (100% loyal to the book, like Ron killing the locket or the Malfoy Manor) may look too adult.

This wasn't a HP film at all, it was much more, it was a book finally turned visual.

Ps. I am not a HHr shipper AT ALL. But the way the Nick Cave dance scene was made... along with the music... there are no words that can describe that scene. It was beautiful in all ways.
16 October 2010 @ 05:25 am
Weird enough, for the first time in YEARS, I'm following more than one tv show, actually, I'm following LOTS of tv shows. And I'm happy with it. Really, but I need to ramble on them for a minute so please bare with me.

The Vampire Diaries. - This I was following since the very start, it amazed me how it kept evolving from being a random and meh tv show about vampires with not much of a story to what it is now: A FUCKING WIN. Season 2's premier MAJOR DISAPPOINTED ME. Not because it was a bad production but because of the story, I just didn't like how Damon started being angsty AGAIN and broke his relationship with Elena AGAIN. But then I saw the second episode and everything was forgotten, literally. The line they've been following for the past weeks is amazing, the story is almost flawless and it just keeps getting more and more interesting, I DON'T EVEN. So yes, the Thursdays I AM EXTREMELY HAPPY.

Supernatural. - I recently starting watching the series, just before the season 6 started it. At first it didn't catch my attention that is why I never really followed it, but then I saw bits of season 4 and 5 and thought "huh, this is actually pretty good" So I started watching season 5 and for the sake of the mission, season 4. I love this show so much now. And now with season 6 I am so grateful that they are keeping the angels arc, cause that is what makes me love it so much, at least 80% of why. I really need some angels back, really, Castiel needs to go back to being Dean and Sam's pocket watch and somebody needs to tell me that Gabriel is being somehow resurrected. PLEASE. All is good so far, except that I feel a lot of Sam angst coming, which is never a good thing, I need to roll-eye here. I like how human and just, average Dean seemed in the first couple of episodes, it gave a very realistic feeling to the series. On Fridays I AM BLOODY HAPPY.

House. - Finally, finally after seasons of constant "COME ON!"s, this season seems to become everything fans ever wanted. House is with Cuddy, House seems more than likeable. It does feel strange though, a bit unnatural, but I can get used to it. I like how the characters are growing so it's all good. I also like the plots in these recent episode, it's not as entertaining or it doesn't make me devour my nails in anticipation like VD and Supernatural do. On Mondays I am content.

Smallville. - I expected way too much because of the greatness of season 9 and I am kinda disappointed. This is the last season of a series that grew up with me, I really want it to be epic yet the season premiere was definitely not good. Even so, I am willing to give it 24 chances to the show and follow it to the end, but it better gets better. On Fridays I am kinda meh but then I get bloody happy because of Supernatural.

The Big Bang Theory. - I love sitcoms more than anything and TBBT has been one of my favourites since season 1. Now, season 3 was AWESOME. But I didn't like how things ended. I took a deep breath and waited for the 4th season to start. And I swear, I had the lowest expectations and I'm still disappointed. I get it, Sheldon is lovable, but the writers are pushing too hard, it's getting way too annoying and most of all, boring. TOO MUCH SHELDON. CUT IT OUT PLEASE! Plus, I'm a Leonard/Penny fan, if they don't get back together I'm seriously going to drop this SHIT. On Thursdays I'm so excited and happy thanks to The Vampire Diaries that I seriously stopped caring about how bad this show is getting.

Two and a Half Man. - Well, I guess Charlie has to be single, he HAS to. It just went back to being the same series I've been watching all these seasons so there's not much harm done here. it's alright. I mean, yeah, I expect Chelsea to get back with Charlie but I guess that will take some time. On Mondays, I'm both satisfied and content.
12 July 2010 @ 04:59 pm
I'm adopting these babies out and I thought to entrust them in first place to those I already know are great owners. So anyone from twitter or from here. Would you like one of these? Post a comment here :)

Iced Tea * contacting previous owner http://underheaven.org/icedtea/
The Beatles: Revolver * contacting previous owner http://underheaven.org/revolver/
D&G Dolce & Gabbana * contacting previous owner APPLY! :) http://underheaven.org/dg/
The Order of the Phoenix Soundtrack * contacting previous owner http://underheaven.org/soundscapes/
Arcitc Monkeys: I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor http://underheaven.org/1984
J.K. Rowling: Tales of Beedle the Bard http://underheaven.org/beedle/
Bands * Contacting previous owner http://underheaven.org/bands/
06 October 2009 @ 09:16 pm
Pairing: Miles/Alex, Alex/Alexa
Beta: Shifaa

Hugely inspired by Alex's depressive quote:

"When you are with someone they seem happier in photos before you met her, or happier in stories from before. I always think they do." - "It is a bad perception of self"
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01 July 2009 @ 12:58 am
Updating this entry, because we all need an updated link...
04 June 2009 @ 10:14 pm


...Some ask praise of their fellows
but i being otherwise
made compose curves
and yellows,angles or silences
to a less erring end.
Myself is sculptor of
your body’s idiom:
the musician of your wrists;
the poet who is afraid
only to mistranslate...


Title: Voice

Rating: PG-15

Author: ytf

Warnigs: Soft Slash

Pairings: Miles/Alex, mentions of Alex/Alexa and other pairings.

Genre: Angst

Summary: Alex is six. He doesn't understand why he's dad is so obsessed with music and with singing in the room where he keeps his toys that make those sounds.

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31 May 2009 @ 01:40 am
So I decided to make my ass stay still and write the fics I need to write. In order to do so, I've created 2 prom tables.

I put the itunes on shuffle and started playing the songs. I took one word of each one in the order they were displayed in. A cookie for anyone who guesses which song is which.

Harry James Potter
The rules are, every one shot and drabble must be Harry James Potter centric AND it must be post Battle of Hogwarts, that means, from May 2, 1998 at 3 am and forwards until Harry dies or whatever.

1.-Pictures2.- Reality3.- Victory4.- San Francisco5.- Pleasure
6.- World7.- Heaven8.- Frozen9.- Mistakes10.- Fate
11.- Ending12.- Today13.- Oscar14.- Witnesses15.- Line
16.- Sacrifice17.- Fatigue18.- Hope19.- Time20.- Ghosts
21.- Home22.- Tourist23.- Belong24.- Ruins25.- Sin

Alex David Turner
Because real fanfiction is a bitch, I tell you. So the rules are, indeed, they must be Alex Turner centric or/and Alex/Miles slash thinggies.

1.- Run Away2.- Love3.- Katy4.- Leaving5.- Alone
6.- Wisdom7.- Sequels8.- Silences9.- Innocence10.- Friends
11.- Memories12.- Here13.- Yesterday14.- Death15.- Speed
16.- Dreams17.- Meeting18.- Seduction19.- Pain20.- Snow
21.- Saviour22.- View23.- Crowd24.- Voice25.- Wall

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09 May 2009 @ 02:50 am
Today I posted this on my profile on fanfiction.net:




I'm taking a break of fanfiction dot net and fanfiction in general for a while, I don't know how many time but I need to give my attention and dedication to some other things, including a new incursion into Real Person Fanfiction, which of course, is not allowed in fanfiction dot net, I will be posting at my livejournal (http://ytf.livejournal.com) , only fics in english and of my only real person fandom (the last shadow puppets and all the drama around them, actually, if anyone was wondering).

01011001Letanías and all my series of one shots are also in hiatus

I love them dearly and I will definitly finish them both, but I really need to start this series of real person fanfiction, I kept thinking all night of this angsty Alex Turner centric story I have in my mind, I just won't be able to concentrate or think of any other storyline for a while than this fandom and I need a break to re-start feeling and putting on order all my thoughts and ideas for new HP fanfictions in the future.

I'll be glad to answer your questions of my fics (especially of 01011001) at msn: bonjovi _ hall at hotmail dot com (without the spaces of course and replacing at and dot with the correct symbols)

The translation of An Idle Mind Is The Devil’s Playground is the only fic that I'll keep doing since that was a compromise with Night Flame Niko.

Thank you for your patience and for your support in all my fanfics so far. This doesn't mean I won't be writing and continuing my fics, Harry Potter will be always my first, biggest and for always, my one true fandom, it is actually much more for me than that, it is my lifestyle and therefor I can't pursue any future where I do not write fanfiction I'm just taking a break of it, relaxing and starting a new series of fanfiction that won't fit in this place.

I will still continue to be a member of the Order of Fanwriters and leader of angst, I'm honored to take that position and represent the genre. 

Also, I won't be able to beta anything during this hiatus.


So! This means that this journal will be active once again! :D Of course, along with my lovely [info]sanskyicons but here you'll only find fanfics of TLSP and Alex :D

Let's begin a new era (that sounded so Nightwish, it was meant to sound like that!)


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21 January 2009 @ 09:41 pm
This is a must and it looks horrible in my profile. If I forgot to credit you, please tell me.

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Images / Caps

All caps I use are made by me, don't you like to have control over your caps? D:

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13 December 2008 @ 09:04 pm
30 icons of the actors of HP and in Wonderland

01 - 10:
11 - 12: Alice in Wonderland
13 - 23: Bonham Carter
24 - 28: Ralph Fiennes
29 - 30: Jason Isaacs

It was kinda hard to post this set of icons, I planned to made them long ago, but suddenly the latest trailer of HBP was released and I couldn't resist and then I had too many upcoming fanlistings and gifts to make and stuff, anyway, I really like this batch =) Emma wasn't supposed to be here, but that photoshoot is just too great.

You know the Rules:
- No hotlinking
- Credit is a must if you use
- Comment if taken is a must
- Comments are nice =)
- Have fun

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